Managing Your Repeat Prescription Online

Managing Your Repeat Prescription Online

Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, offers NHS Electronic Prescription Service to manage your repeat prescription online.

This online pharmacy will look after your repeat prescriptions. It will save you time on trips to your GP and ensure that your medicine is kept ready, when you need it.

You can simply drop off your repeat prescription script at Blackwater Pharmacy, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. The pharmacist will take care of the rest. They will inform your GP that they will be ordering and collecting your prescriptions electronically, avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP.

The pharmacist will re-order for you and will remind you about your next prescription due before you run out of supply. You can get your medicine delivered to your door.

Pharmacy Outlet uses electronic system to manage your repeat prescription. There will be no change in the way you get your prescription medicine from this online pharmacy.

It will send you a free text about when your medicine is going to be delivered. Customer care is crucial for Pharmacy Outlet and offering repeat prescription online service allows it to spend more time caring for patients and their wellbeing.

You can call on 03333 222 400 about your prescription and for any other advice. Pharmacy Outlet Repeat Prescription Online Service will continue to be safe, secure, reliable and confidential.

If you do not want to be the part of this service, please speak to the pharmacy professional on the abovementioned phone number. Remember that you can change or cancel nomination at any time, but after talking to your GP and Pharmacy Outlet’s representative.

More importantly, do not forget to re-order your repeat prescription online a week before you run out of your supply. When you see that you have just a week’s medicine, place your order immediately, so that you have the medicine before the old medicines run out.