It’s Spring Bank Holiday Today

It_s Spring Bank Holiday Today

The Spring Bank Holiday, also called the late May Bank Holiday, is a time for UK citizens to have a day off. It usually falls on the last Monday of May.

For many people, the Spring Bank Holiday is a pleasing day off at school or work. Some people plan a short trip or vacation. Others find time to walk in the country, do home maintenance, visit garden centres and catch up with family and friends. However, in some parts of UK, there are a few customs associated with this pleasant day. Ancient Brits may have initiated the custom.

The last Monday of May is a bank holiday. Many schools, businesses and organizations are closed. However, stores may be closed or open, according to local custom. Public transport systems run as per holiday’s timetable.


The Spring Bank Holiday started on the Monday after Pentecost. It is known as Whit Monday or Whitsun in the United Kingdom. According to the Banking & Financial Dealings Act 1971, this holiday was moved to the last Monday in May, which was followed by a trial period of this arrangement from 1965 to 1970.

As millions of Brits head away from home for the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, many more prefer staying at home. Some may even use this day for practical chores like supermarket shopping.

On this day, people race down a steep hill on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire following a large round cheese. The hill is concave. The person who first finishes wins a Double Gloucester cheese that weights around 3.5kg. However, in some years, there have been a lot of injuries, casing the event to be cancelled in recent years.

In Staffordshire, the villagers dressed well, hold a fayre and crown a girl as the well-dressed queen, while local men hold a competition called “Tossing the Sheaf”. In other places of UK, boats are blessed, local festivals are held and Morris dancers put on displays.

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