Know About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables prescribers (GPs and practice nurses) to send prescription electronically to a pharmacy or dispenser of the patient’s choice. EPS makes the prescribing and dispensing process convenient and efficient for patients, GPs and pharmacists.

The EPS for England has been a talking point for many years. Pharmacy system supplies have been working to run the programme forward offering a valuable insight into work flow that is unique to pharmacy.

NHS EPS Background

Know About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

EPS Release 1 (R1)

Rollout of EPS R1 started in 2007, which is currently used by nearly 90% of local pharmacies in England. It was designed to keep the foundations of the EPS in place and to ensure compatibility between the IT systems used by GP surgeries and pharmacies.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service R1 uses N3 broadband technology to send online prescriptions from GPs to pharmacies. The prescriptions are then downloaded in the pharmacy with the help of barcode scan printed on FP10 prescription forms. Approximately 1.5 million prescriptions are used across England on a daily basis.

EPS Release 2 (R2)

EPS R2 is the second phase of the NHS electronic prescription service designed to improve the proficiency of the prescribing and dispensing procedure. One of the important features of EPS R2 is patients can nominate the pharmacy of their choice to collect or receive their prescriptions. A patient’s prescription is sent from the GP to their nominated pharmacy electronically. Registering nomination is essential with EPS R2!


The NHS Electronic Prescription Service reduces workload related to re-keying prescription information. A patient can receive medicine before he/she arrives in the pharmacy, allowing a smooth workflow by preparing prescriptions beforehand.

It helps with stock management and pharmacies offer the NHS EPS will no longer have to physically pick up prescription for patients.

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