Nominate Pharmacy Outlet for Electronic Prescription Service

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet for Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is initiated by the National Health Service (NHS), which allows you to send prescription electronically through your GP to the pharmacy.

Typically, you need to visit your GP to pick up your paper script and wait at your chemist to get your medication dispensed. With EPS, your prescribing GP will send prescription electronically to Pharmacy Outlet, saving you time.

Is EPS a right service?
Yes, it is absolutely correct if you suffer from a stable condition and you do not wish to visit your GP regularly to collect your repeat prescription. It is also right if you want your medication delivered at your door. It may not be correct for you if you do not get your prescriptions very often.

Using EPS
First, you need to have a good look at the chemist that offers Electronic Prescription Service to collect or receive the medication. This you can do by nominating a local or online pharmacy. You can nominate any GPhC registered pharmacy operating full electronic prescription service.

Usually, you do not have any kind of restriction on nominating a pharmacy near your practicing GP. However, you can only nominate one pharmacy for EPS.

Click here or contact the customer support team on 03333 222 400 to nominate Pharmacy Outlet for Electronic Prescription Service.

If unsatisfied with the service, you can change or cancel your nomination. If you wish to discontinue the electronic prescription or repeat prescription service of Pharmacy Outlet, inform your GP and its pharmacy team. Make sure you tell them before your next prescription due; otherwise, your prescriptions may go to the wrong place.

Using NHS repeat prescription or electronic prescription of Pharmacy Outlet is very easy:

  • Tell the pharmacy professional team who your GP is
  • The team will work with your GP to check and dispense your prescriptions
  • Your prescription is delivered to the UK address you prefer
  • More importantly, the team will remind you about your next prescription due

Since Electronic Prescription Service is a paperless work, it saves environment!