Want To Order Prescriptions Online? Use Pharmacy Outlet!

Want To Order Prescriptions Online Use Pharmacy Outlet

Repeat prescriptions are nothing but the medications that are on your active repeat prescription script. The pharmacy team will be able to issue repeat prescriptions from your regular repeats. You cannot order medicines for acute conditions through the repeat prescription service.

Ordering prescription online is a hassle-free process. Nominate Pharmacy Outlet by following on how to register and set up a new account. But prior to that, you need to speak to your GP practice, which will send your prescriptions to Pharmacy Outlet electronically.

Please allow at least two working days before collecting your prescriptions from your GP practice. This also applies to those prescriptions that are requested by hospital consultants. If they need you to start with new prescription medicines urgently, they will either supply you through hospital to call the pharmacy in advance.

If you are on a regular medicine, your GP will be able to give you a repeat prescription form to fulfil your prescription.

Pharmacentric Limited, which is physically located in Surrey, is owned and operated by Pharmacy Outlet. If you are not tech-savvy, you can hand in your repeat prescription form to the local chemist who will dispense your medications and deliver it to your home at free of cost.

If you want to order prescription online, make sure you nominate Pharmacy Outlet first. Order are usually not taken on telephone unless there are exceptional situations. Call 03333 222 400 to know more about the service.

It is highly recommended that you check your repeat prescription carefully before ordering prescriptions online. Let the pharmacy know about the medicines you are no longer using.

If you want to change or cancel the nomination, prior intimation to your GP and pharmacy is a must; otherwise, the medicines will be delivered to wrong address.