NHS Electronic Prescription Service UK

NHS Electronic Prescription Service UK

At least two thirds of prescriptions issued in primary healthcare are repeat prescriptions. According to survey, electronic prescription services account for approximately 80% of NHS medication costs for primary care.

There are more than 400 million repeat prescriptions generated every year. It is estimated that up to 330 million of all repeat prescriptions could be replaced with repeat dispensing, which could save nearly 2 million hours of GP practice.

The government of UK introduced repeat dispensing services in order to provide a more effective way to manage repeat prescriptions in the year 2005. The NHS electronic prescription service (EPS) can only be used when the prescribing and the dispensing systems use EPS Release 2.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing service allows a patient to get repeated supplies of their medicine without the need for the GP prescriber to provide a signed authorised script each time. The prescriptions are then made available for dispensing through a pharmacy patient nominates.

A GP practice issues an electronic prescription using their EPS Release 2 prescribing system, which contains:

  • The intended interval between each repeat prescription issued
  • How many times the repeat prescription can be issued

Once the GP has prescribed has issues a repeat dispensing prescription, it will be sent electronically to the NHS where it will be available for download by the dispenser nominated by the patient.

Currently, the NHS Electronic Prescription Service can only be used by a patient with a nominated dispenser or pharmacy. The dispenser can access the electronic prescription and dispense your medications so that you can collect without much waiting. If you nominate an online pharmacy, you receive your medications right at your door.

Who is suitable for NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

Patients who need a repeat prescription are suitable for repeat electronic dispensing. This includes patients on stable therapy, with long-term conditions, on multiple drug therapy, and those who can appropriately manage their seasonal conditions.

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