Everything You Need To Know About NHS Online Prescription


NHS online prescription service is designed to save you time, effort and money when it comes to ordering and managing your repeat prescriptions.

You save a lot of time and money by sending your prescription directly from your GP to your pharmacy through electronic means. This NHS online prescription service is definitely the best option to fulfil your prescriptions, rather than going to a local GP to collect a paper script each time when you need to refill your medicines.

The NHS online prescription service allows you to manage your repeat prescriptions in a timely and efficient way. So, if your curiosity has increased and you are beginning to think of using the NHS online prescription service, here’s all the information.

Do I need an NHS online prescription?

It is entirely your choice whether or not you switch from printed prescriptions to online prescriptions. The NHS has stated that in near future, the Electronic Prescription Service will become the default options for everyone who are on regular medications in England.

The NHS online prescriptions are also largely targeted at people requiring repeat medications for managing their chronic illness. This service will spare you from having to visit a GP more times than necessary.

Who offers the NHS online prescription service?

It is offered by private and public healthcare services. You will have to sign up for Electronic Prescription Service if you get your repeat prescriptions through the NHS.

You must have a good look at all the online prescription service providers and choose a suitable one if you use private healthcare services to get your regular medications.

Most private providers offer delivery to your preferred UK address as a part of their service.

How to get an NHS online prescription

First, you need to register with a GP practice that supports Electronic Prescription Service. Second, you must nominate a pharmacy from where you pick up your medicines once they are ready for collection. With online chemist like Pharmacy Outlet, you can receive your medications at your doorstep.

Along with reaping all the usual benefits of the NHS online prescription service, Pharmacy Outlet sends you a reminder email about when to re-order your regular medicine before you run out.


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