You Can Send Prescriptions Electronically Now

Electronic Prescription Service

The National Health Service (NHS) has introduced the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) so that you can send prescriptions electronically. Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online chemist, aims to provide you basic information on how to manage your medicines through PES.

What is EPS?

EPS enables your GP to send prescriptions electronically to a chemist of your choice. To start with EPS, you must nominate a single pharmacy that is able to receive your prescriptions electronically. You can nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get started with EPS, and manage your repeat prescriptions online.

What does EPS mean for me?

You can still request your prescription in the same way in person your GP’s clinic or at the pharmacy, but everything is done online. All EPS will do is allow your prescribing GP to send prescription electronically to the pharmacy by using a computer system. It is less likely that you misplace or lose your paper prescription. It takes two working days to generate your prescriptions electronically.

Once you nominate Pharmacy Outlet, your GP will be able to send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. After verification, the pharmacist will send your medications at the place you prefer. Pharmacy Outlet can pull down the electronic prescription at any time and it will automatically do this every hour.

If your prescription is not at the pharmacy and you arrive to collect your medicines, let the pharmacist know that you are using EPS.

Sending an electronic or repeat prescription to your pharmacy has many advantages. It will save a great time for everybody, as GP’s do not have time to issue many prescriptions.

Pharmacists will be able to manage their work more efficiently because prescriptions will be send directly to the pharmacy electronically, and this means they can plan their day more efficiently.

Generally, it is accepted that electronic prescriptions are safer options, as they are directly sent to the pharmacy by GP.

Get your medicines delivered free and avail electronic prescription service through Pharmacy Outlet.