7 Facts About UK Online Pharmacies

7 Facts About UK Online Pharmacies

There is no doubt in saying that the opportunity to seek medical help and receive prescription medicines over the internet has greatly changed the face of the healthcare in the UK. But how much are you aware of UK online pharmacies? Check out these 7 facts that may help you understand what medications online pharmacies provide and the difference between ethical ones and the rest.

  1. There are many illegal, unregulated online pharmacy and health websites, which are often connected to unregulated doctors and pharmacists. Hence, you must be careful when choosing a UK online pharmacy.
  2. Unregulated websites might provide you fake medications that could prove harmful to your health. They sell medicines that are developed under substandard conditions, which are not trustworthy when it comes to safety and efficacy.
  3. Only a few online pharmacies are regulated to supply online prescription in the UK. Although you may come across a variety of options, some will not meet the quality standards. Pharmacy Outlet is one of just a few UK online pharmacies that are authorised to provide online prescriptions.
  4. The pharmacy that provides medications through a website should be regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to ensure that only authentic medicines are used to fill the prescriptions. Pharmacy Outlet is one such UK online pharmacy that is registered by the GPhC and the MHRA.
  5. UK online pharmacies are capable of providing you a large amount of information on the medications they offer. Online UK pharmacy allows the patient to research at their own pace.
  6. Another most important benefit of UK online pharmacies is that they usually offer medicines at lower price and in greater quantities. They can supply you medicines for existing prescriptions after receiving the prescription through you or GP by post or by any electronic means.
  7. UK online pharmacies sometimes supply medications that are rationed or not prescribed by the NHS, such as hair loss medications, creams to reduce facial hair growth, etc.

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