Should I Buy Drugs Online UK Via Internet?

Should I Buy Drugs Online UK Via Internet

According to survey, nearly 15% of Brits have bought prescription-only drugs without a prescription.

Is your tummy flabby? Thanks to the internet for providing you innumerable options to get rid of your tummy fat. However, it has been found that most weight loss medications sold on the website without a prescription are unregulated.

If you buy drugs online UK without a prescription, it is an offence. You are putting yourself at the risk of health complications by getting prescription-only drugs without a prescription. Most drugs offered by fake online pharmacies contain ingredients that should never enter the person’s digestive tract.

A study has revealed that 62% of prescription-only drugs bought over the internet are fake or unapproved. GPs come across many patients with adverse effects of prescription medicines bought online without a prescription.

In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulates every medicine or medical product. It is illegal for a website based to sell drugs online in UK without a prescription. The MHRA monitors websites that offer prescription drugs online, and if they are based in UK, they should be registered with MHRA as well as GPhC – General Pharmaceutical Council. If they are not registered, they can be prosecuted.

What’s the solution?

Experts say that you can buy drugs online UK if you find a website that is registered with MHRA and GPhC, with a phone number, with a physical UK address, with a licensed pharmacist so you can speak to, and one that asks for a doctor’s prescription. It might be tempting for you to skip the prescription pad, but this means you are using foreign online pharmacies with no UK regulation on the quality of the medications.

There are no magic pills to cure certain health issues, so do not opt for websites that offer you magical cures. Before you buy drugs online UK, it is highly recommended to seek medical help.

Pharmacy Outlet is an online pharmacy based in Surrey, UK. It is managed by Pharmacentric Limited. It is registered with both MHRA and GPhC. You can speak to its clinical staff members on 03333 222 400. More importantly, it always encourages people to provide prescription to buy prescription-only drugs.