Quit Smoking With Nicorette Gums

Quit Smoking With Nicorette Gums

Nicorette Gums have patented dual-coating technology for pleasant taste. Plus, they provide relief from intense craving.

The patented dual-coating technology offers great tasting of fruit chills, cinnamon surge and white ice mint flavours. The outer coating seals simply taste great. When you start chewing, you get the burst of flavour that lasts long.

They help you quit smoking and reduce the urge to smoke; however, the results may vary from person to person.

Nicorette Gum is usually available in two potencies – 2mg and 4mg.

How to use it?

For Nicorette Gum to do its job, it is imperative to use it appropriately, or as advised by a GP or pharmacist. Although this nicotine gum is advised for you to chew every hour or two for the first six weeks of treatment, there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Check with your doctor how to use it for maximum efficacy.

Get Started

Once you have selected a quit date, start using Nicorette Gum. Make sure you have at least 9 pieces of Nicorette Gum a day for six weeks. Avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before chewing the gum. To increase your chances of quitting smoking, use Nicorette Gum regularly for at least 12 weeks.

If you are using it during the therapy and have a cigarette, you should not quit using Nicorette Gum. You must keep using it and keep making efforts to quit. Speak to your GP if you fail to quit smoking even after using Nicorette Gum for 12 weeks.

Chew and Park Method

Chew Nicorette Gum slowly until you feel a tingling sensation on your tongue. Now, stop chewing and park the gum between the gums and cheeks. When the tingling sensation subsides, start chewing it again.

You can start chewing another piece of nicotine gum within an hour if you experience strong urge to smoke, but do not continuously chew one gum after another.

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