Difference between NHS Prescription and Private Prescription Online

Difference between NHS Prescription and Private Prescription Online

There is a lot of confusion amongst people with regard to prescription services in the UK, especially between an NHS prescription and a private prescription online.

Queries range from “why do I have to pay extra when I am eligible for an NHS prescription?” to “can I claim back on private prescription online as I carry medical insurance?”

Let us check out the difference between private prescriptions and NHS prescriptions.


There are a few treatments that are definitely not available on the NHS, such as medications for hair loss, premature ejaculation and loss of libido. However, some prescription medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are available on NHS but on strict qualification criteria. Some therapies are available on the NHS but only after coming down to where you reside in the UK.

On the other hand, you get almost all prescription medications on a private prescription. However, it might be available depending on your local GP’s budget or your willingness. So, through private prescriptions, you get prescription medicines that are usually not available on NHS.


An NHS prescription costs you £8.60 (as of 1st April 2017). The cost actually includes two components – the cost of the GP issuing a prescription and the cost of the medicine subsidised by the NHS. You have to pay the full cost of the medication with a private prescription. Plus, you may or may not have to pay a fee to your GP to issue the private prescription.

Not all doctors charge a fee for providing a prescription so it is imperative to check whether or how much your doctor may charge. The standard fee for a doctor to issue a private prescription online may range from £15 to £20. The fee may even start from £50 onwards with a private clinic.

Restricted prescription

With a private prescription, your GP is not restricted to prescribing the minimum number of pills or the cheapest treatment option. In fact, a GP can offer you more than one treatment on the same prescription, while this is not possible when it comes to NHS prescription.

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