Finding NHS Choice Pharmacy In Case Of Out-Of-Hour Medications

Finding NHS Choice Pharmacy In Case Of Out-Of-Hour Medications

Have you ever run out of your medications during closing hours and need some of them urgently?

It can happen to anybody. So, what we can do in such situation? There are a few ways you can get an emergency supply, including if you are away from your home.

Try following steps if you have a prescription and you need your medicines urgently:

  • Contact the NHS choice pharmacy nearby you by using the NHS pharmacy service search; some of them are open until midnight and even on public holidays
  • Call NHS 111 to talk to someone who can help you find out an out-of-hour pharmacy or another NHS choice pharmacy in your locality
  • You could try getting in contact with your GP, who should have the details of out-of-hours service that is usually run outside usual opening hours and on public holidays
  • Find a nearest A&E (Accident & Emergency) unit if its real urgent and if you failed after trying above options

If you need over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or antacids, you can visit a supermarket, newsagent or petrol station, which often has longer opening hours.

If you do not have a prescription and run out of your prescription-only medicine, you may get an emergency supply from a chemist without a prescription. However, you need to go through a list of questions to get the supply. The pharmacist will ask you some questions to find out:

  • whether there is indeed an immediate requirement of the medicine
  • whether you might be able to provide a prescription as soon as possible
  • whether the medicine is prescribed by a doctor
  • what dosage of medicine would be needed for you to take in emergency

After getting assured of all these things, your NHS choice pharmacy will be able to supply prescription-only medicines without a prescription in emergency.

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