Repeat Prescription NHS: An Easy Way To Get Your Medicines

Repeat Prescription NHS An Easy Way To Get Your Medicines

The Repeat Prescription Service, also called Electronic Prescription Service, is an NHS service. The repeat prescription NHS service gives you the chance to know how your GP sends your prescription to the dispenser you choose to receive your medicines.

If you want to collect your repeat prescription from your GP, you will have to visit your GP’s clinic. Instead, your GP will send it electronically to the place you prefer, saving your time.

You will have more choice of getting your medicines from the place that is near to your residence. You can even use repeat prescription NHS service by nominating an online pharmacy. In this case, you need not require going to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions. In fact, the online pharmacy will deliver your repeat prescriptions right at your home.

Is this NHS service right for you?

Yes, if your condition is stable and you:

  • do not want to visit your GP every time to fetch repeat prescriptions
  • receive your medicines through online pharmacy or pick up your medicines through your local pharmacy

It may not be right for you if you:

  • do not get repeat prescription very often
  • pick up your medications from various places

How can you use repeat prescription NHS?

First, you need to choose a pharmacy for your GP to directly send your prescription by electronic means. This process is called nomination. You can choose an NHS choice pharmacy, a dispensing appliance contractor, or a prescribing GP practice.

Ask any pharmacy that offers repeat prescription NHS online service or your GP to add your nomination for you.

Can I cancel or change my nomination?

Yes, you can cancel or change your nomination. Before that, you need to speak to your GP and pharmacist. You need to tell them before your next prescription is due; otherwise, your prescription may be sent to an incorrect place.

Is repeat prescription NHS secured, reliable and confidential?

Of course, yes! Your repeat prescription online is accessible only by your prescribing GP and dispensing pharmacy that you nominate. If you are on repeat prescriptions, dispensers see all the items on your re-order slip online.

You can nominate Pharmacy Outlet to avail Repeat Prescription NHS Online service. Just complete the form of registration online or call on 03333 222 400 to start with this amazing service.