About NHS Online Prescription

About NHS Online Prescription

If you are on regular medications, the NHS online prescription service may be able to save you time by preventing you unnecessary visits to your GP.

The NHS online prescription makes it easy and possible for your prescription to be sent to the pharmacy of your choice by electronic means.

With online prescription service, you will no longer have to go to your GP and collect a paper prescription; instead you go straight to the pharmacy to get your medicines within a few minutes. And if you nominate an online pharmacy, you receive your prescriptions at your home for free.

The pharmacist receives the online prescription from your prescribing GP and they may be able to prepare your medicines in advance, so you just need to go and pick up your medications with no extra wait.

You may be able to order or can cancel online prescription if your GP offers you a GP online service. In future, the NHS online prescription will be the default option for prescribing and dispensing of medicines in primary care in England.

How can you use HNS online prescription?

You can use the NHS online prescription as long as both the GP and the pharmacy offer the service. Use the NHS online prescription search service to check whether a GP or a pharmacy provides the service. Simply select “GPs” or “Pharmacies” and enter the postal code and then select the provider of your choice. You can choose a pharmacy, a dispensing appliance contractor or a dispensing GP practice.

The NHS online prescription is reliable, secure and confidential. Your online prescription can be seen only by your prescribing GP, pharmacies and the NHS prescription payment & fraud agencies. The NHS can also see whether you have nominated more than one pharmacy and scrutinise where your prescriptions are delivered. If you are on repeat online prescription, pharmacist will also see all your medicines on your re-order slip.

All patients must be provided with enough information about the NHS online prescription and must give their consent prior to a nomination is recorder.

If you are unhappy with the service, you can complain to the pharmacy or GP.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the NHS online prescription service. Nominate by clicking here or call on 03333 222 400.