Prescription Services & Online Prescriptions


Most UK online pharmacies offer medications on providing online prescriptions written by your doctor. They offer online pharmacy services and then deliver your medicines at your home or work place in a safe and discreet packaging. The deliveries of NHS prescriptions are made free of charge.

One of the internet pharmacies that offer you online prescriptions in the UK is Pharmacy Outlet. It is a registered UK online pharmacy that is located in Surrey, which works as a normal pharmacy. Pharmacy Outlet is operated by Pharmacentric Limited, which is situated at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. Most pharmacy services of this store are done through online.

This online pharmacy can handle your single as well as repeat prescriptions, both NHS and private once it receives the prescription slip, which can be submitted online or by freepost to the abovementioned UK address. All information shared by patients is kept strictly confidential. The information is protected under the data protection act. Plus, Pharmacy Outlet does not share patients’ details with anyone.

Following are the prescription services offered by Pharmacy Outlet:

  • NHS Prescription

NHS prescription is the largest known organisational component of the NHS in England. It is an easy-to-use and convenient service. It is further categorised into NHS free prescription and NHS paid prescription. It processes more than four million prescriptions on each working day. You can provide your NHS prescription to Pharmacy Outlet to buy medication online.

  • Electronic Prescription

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a relatively new service by the NHS. It allows your GP to send your prescription directly to Pharmacy Outlet. The prescribed medicines are delivered by the online pharmacy for free. This type of online prescription is absolutely reliable, secured, time-saving and confidential. You can use EPS for ordering one-off prescription medicines and repeat prescriptions. There is no need to visit your GP to acquire a prescription.

  • Private Prescription

Provide your private prescription and get your medicine delivered at your doorstep through Pharmacy Outlet. It is simple, convenient and cheaper. The store delivers your medicines through online prescriptions UK over £40. Just upload your prescription or call the pharmacist on 03333 222 400. Your prescriptions will be delivered to you within two working days of providing a private prescription.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback relating to online prescriptions, you can contact Pharmacy Outlet via email or call on 03333 222 400.


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