Risks of Buying Medicines Online Outside Of UK


As innumerable people rely on the internet to understand their health problems, some go online to buy prescription medicines. But many internet pharmacies are unregistered, so getting medicines from them is potentially dangerous.

Prescriptions medicines are often sold at extremely cheap price without a prescription. This is risky, as prescription medicines are to be taken under the supervision of a medical professional. Your GP’s guidance on using the medicine, dosages, side effects, etc. is crucial.

Medications acquired from unregulated internet pharmacies could prove harmful to your health, as they may be fake, diluted or outdated.

A UK online pharmacy must receive a legal prescription before dispensing your prescriptions. This means you must have a paper prescription or an electronic prescription. An electronic prescription is a paperless prescription that is directly sent to your nominated pharmacy by your GP.

Some websites offer prescriber services as well, where you can consult your GP online, who will send your prescription directly to the dispenser. Online GP consultation is legal in UK. However, in case of inappropriate prescribing and incompetence in diagnosing the condition, the British Medical Association opposes it and the General Medical Council can take legal action.

It is a bit tricky to distinguish between a registered UK online pharmacy and other commercial web pharmacies. The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) operates an online pharmacy logo scheme so that you can identify the legitimate UK online pharmacy and fulfil your prescriptions.

The main problem is people try to diagnose their own condition and then obtain prescription meds online without a prescription. And the website offering medicines without a prescription is illegal. Here are some of the things you can look out for:

  • Always get your medications from a well-established pharmacy
  • It is very bad idea to buy prescription medicine without a prescription
  • Don’t get lured by emails promoting medicines at cheaper prices
  • Check for MHRA and GPhC logo on the home page of the website
  • Check the registration status of the pharmacist
  • Look for an online pharmacy that has a physical address of UK

It is always better to do your homework before choosing a UK online pharmacy. Pharmacy Outlet is one of the registered online pharmacies in UK. You can rely on this web pharmacy to get your medicines. It is GPhC and MHRA registered online pharmacy.


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