Know About Repeat Prescriptions


A repeat prescription is a prescription that helps you to obtain further supplies of your medicines without visiting your GP.

Only you GP can decide whether you can have medicines on repeat prescription and how long do you need them. A repeat prescription may include medication that you need on a regular basis for a longer period, especially for chronic illnesses.

Most medicines that are needed for a shorter duration would not be included in a repeat prescription. In addition, when you start on a new treatment, your GP needs to assess and evaluate your health to see whether the medicines ameliorate or aggravate your condition, before deciding on whether to continue the medicine as a repeat prescription.

A repeat prescription service frees up your GP’s time to consult people. It is more convenient to you, your doctor and your pharmacist. The service allow you to acquire medicine by simply re-ordering from a pharmacy without seeing your GP.

You can order your repeat prescription:

  • By call: 03333 222 400
  • By mail:
  • By post: Pharmacentric Limited, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey

You might have to wait for at least 48 hours, or two working days, for your repeat prescription request to be processed and delivered at your home for free. However, if your GP needs to review the medicines, it will take much longer.

Never wait until you have run out of your prescription medicines. It is better to re-order your repeat prescriptions within a week’s time so that you do not run out of medications. This also gives time to your pharmacist to take control on stock.

Pharmacy Outlet offers repeat prescription service that enables you to receive your medicine right at your doorstep without the need of visiting your GP.

If you are not happy with the repeat prescription service, you can discontinue the service by talking to your GP in advance.


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