Misuse of Hayfever Tablets Can Be Miserable


Millions of people catch hay fever, according to experts of Allergy UK.

It is estimated that approximately 18 million people suffer from hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) in the UK.

Surprisingly, a new research has found that for nearly 62% of hay fever victims use hay fever tablets that are ineffective. Only 4% suffers are able to get rid of their hay fever symptoms.

Experts are advising people to urgently review their medications before the pollen season sets in completely. The new research explains the misuse of certain medications as a major cause of misery. 

For instance, 40% hay fever victims use steroid nasal sprays to ease the symptoms, but only 14% are using it appropriately. This means most nasal sprays just don’t work properly.

People are looking for best hay fever tablets and do not hesitate to spend more on achieving cure.

Researchers explain that may suffers rely on hay fever medications, which simply do not work or being used inappropriately. It is imperative to use a hay fever medicine properly to combat allergy symptoms.

If you are using the best hay fever tablets UK and do not experience improvement, it is so important to seek medical help to control this incurable condition. If left untreated, hay fever may lead to the development of asthma.

Researchers are urging hay fever sufferers to talk to their GP or pharmacist about reviewing their medicines and proper usage of nasal sprays or eye drops.

If you do not feel your medicine is working, immediately see your doctor. Check with your pharmacist on how to use nasal spray appropriately in order to control your symptoms. Irregular and overuse of nasal sprays or eye drops can aggravate your condition.

In the UK, people with hay fever try to treat themselves with antihistamines. Nearly 12% of them use antihistamines that have sedating effects, which can cause drowsiness. So it is imperative to seek medical advice before using any antihistamine medicine.

If you have used first antihistamine that is not helping you, switch to another only after speaking to your GP or pharmacist.

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s registered online pharmacy that advises people to discuss with a medical professional before using OTC or prescription hay fever tablets this spring.



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