Know About Repeat Prescriptions


A repeat prescription is a medicine that your medical practitioner has authorised on your prescription letter. It can be dispensed for certain duration on a regular basis without visiting your GP each time.

Normally, repeat prescriptions are authorised for 6 to 12 months; however, it may vary depending on the type of medication and GP’s discretion.

How can I get the prescription?
Your GP will give your first prescription that will have two parts. The “green slip” is the actual prescription that you give to your pharmacist to collect your medicine. The “white slip” contains the list of medicines that you can get as repeat issues. It is also called the repeat re-order form or repeat prescription.

To order more medicine, you need to mark only those drugs by ticking each item mentioned on the white slip within five days of running out. You should not tick items that you do not require. Then provide your repeat prescription to your pharmacist.

Please give the pharmacist at least 48 hours, excluding Bank holidays and weekends, to dispense your medicines. You should give sufficient time to order your repeat medicine so that you do not run out of your medicine. Make sure you stock pile your medicines in advance.

Repeat Dispensing of Medications
A repeat prescription is a new way to receive your regular prescriptions.

If you use the same medications regularly, you may use repeat prescription service offered by local as well as online pharmacies. This means you will not have to visit your GP every time to fetch a prescription. Also, you need not require visiting your pharmacist if you choose an online pharmacy.

The first step is to talk to your prescribing doctor and ask whether you can use order repeat prescription online. Your prescriber will usually be your GP or practicing nurse.

Alternatively, you can inform your GP and pharmacist that you would like to use repeat prescription NHS through online services.

Pharmacy Outlet offers repeat prescription service in UK. It is owned and run by Pharmacentric Limited, which is situated in Camberley, Surrey.

In addition, Pharmacy Outlet provides free reminder service through email or an SMS alert to inform you about your repeat prescription due. You can fulfil your repeat prescription and get delivered your medicine to your preferred address.

You can contact us on 03333 222 400 or mail us to


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