How To Send Prescriptions Electronically?


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows your prescriptions to be sent directly to local or online pharmacies via IT systems. EPS removes the need for paper prescriptions.

The electronic prescription service enables prescribers, such as GPS and nurses, to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacist or pharmacy of the patient’s choices. EPS makes the prescribing and dispensing process more convenient and efficient for patients and clinical staff.

Benefits of EPS

For GP practices:

  • Can process prescriptions easily and efficiently
  • Have good control over the prescription
  • Spend less time dealing with the queries related to prescriptions

For Dispensers:

  • Can process prescriptions more proficiently
  • Spend less time sorting prescriptions
  • Have less paper work to send to NHS prescription service
  • Have improved stock control

You can also reap the benefits of EPS. You can collect repeat prescriptions directly from a chemist without visiting your prescribing GP. You will not have paper prescriptions to lose and you may spend less time waiting at your local pharmacy. And it is easier when you nominate an online pharmacy, as you will receive your prescriptions right at your doorstep.

EPS is safe, reliable, secure and confidential.

You can nominate an online pharmacy to get your NHS repeat prescription. You need to require visiting your pharmacy or GP to collect your prescription. It is managed online and delivered to your preferred UK address.

If you would like to nominate your online drugstore, Pharmacy Outlet, all you need to do is register yourself by completing the form. Alternatively, you can call the customer service team on 03333 222 400.

The Pharmacy Outlet’s free reminder service will send you an email alert to inform you about your repeat prescription due. You can send prescriptions electronically to or by calling on 03333 222 400. You will receive your prescription medicines delivered to your preferred address.

The procedure is very easy and quick. All you need to do is register with Pharmacy Outlet to nominate it for availing electronic prescription service.

In addition to EPS, Pharmacy Outlet provides other prescription services such as NHS prescription and private prescription. To know more about prescription services of Pharmacy Outlet, visit the website or call on 03333 222 400.


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