How To Buy Prescription Drugs Online Safely?


You can definitely save your time and money when you buy prescription drugs online through an internet pharmacy. But is the online pharmacy legit? Are the drugs offered safe and effective?

Follow these important steps to make sure you get a good deal.

Check for the MHRA and GPhC logo

When you visit an online pharmacy, always look for the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) logo. The MHRA is a drug regulatory body and the GPhC control all pharmacies in the UK. If you find MHRA and GPhC logo, you are free to buy prescription drugs online, that too after providing your prescription.

Look for “dot uk” pharmacy

If an online pharmacy has “” web address at the end, it is alright to buy medications online. The pharmacies that follow the UK law can use this domain.

Make sure it is licensed and based in the UK

You medication seller must be located in the United Kingdom. Make sure you choose a registered online pharmacy. You may even check the licensing information on the home page of the website. If you do not find the proper UK address on the site, it is a warning sign.

Check whether it has a licensed pharmacist

You should be able to contact the pharmacist on the phone, by email, or through online chat. Check for phone number and email ID so that you can contact the pharmacist if you have any queries related to prescriptions or medications.

Stay away from the one that does not ask for a prescription

Remember, use only those online pharmacies that require a prescription to dispense your medications. Do not buy prescription drugs online, if the pharmacy does not ask a doctor’s prescription.

Check privacy policies

The online pharmacy should list security and privacy policies that should be easy to spot and understand. The website should not share your personal information unless you sign an agreement mentioning it is okay.

If you follow these vital tips, you are good to go. Once you find the MHRA and GPhC registered online pharmacy, it is safe to buy prescription drugs online.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s licensed online pharmacies from where you can buy drugs online.


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