Pharmacy Outlet Offers Electronic Prescription Service


If you get regular or repeat pharmacy prescription, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) may save you time by preventing unnecessary trips to your GP to collect prescriptions.

EPS makes it easy for your pharmacy prescriptions to be sent electronically to the local or online pharmacy of your choice.

Selecting a pharmacy for dispensing your medications to process your EPS prescription is called “nomination”. You will no longer have to visit your GP to collect a paper repeat prescription. Instead, you can directly go to the nominated online pharmacy to pick up your medications or medical appliances.

Since the local or online pharmacy has already received the electronic repeat prescription, the pharmacist will be able to dispense your medications in advance. You just need to pick it up with no extra cost at local pharmacy. And if it is an online pharmacy like Pharmacy Outlet, your medicines are dispatched right at your doorstep. However, this may depend on the capacity of the chemist on the day. Sometimes, it may not be possible all the times.

How can you start using EPS?

There is no need of a computer to use electronic prescription service. You can use EPS as long as your doctor or the pharmacy offers the service.

First, you need to check whether your doctor or the pharmacy provides this type of prescription service. If electronic prescription service is available, you will see the EPS logo on the home page of Pharmacy Outlet.

GPs and pharmacies may also display EPS logo on their premises so that you can nominate one. Ask your GP or pharmacist to know more about EPS, they will be able to assist you. You will need to nominate the one you would like to collect your pharmacy prescription medicines from in the future.

You can select the one that is convenient for you, such as near your home or work place. EPS is flexible can be changed at any time. However, you need to let your GP or pharmacist know about your changes.

Can I cancel EPS?

You can change or cancel your nomination at any time. Simply have a word with your GP or pharmacist before you make an order for your next prescription. You need to give some time for the update to take place and to avoid your next pharmacy prescription being sent to incorrect place.

Is EPS reliable?

EPS is completely reliable and confidential. The electronic and repeat prescription will be seen by your prescribing GP, nominated pharmacy and NHS prescription & fraud agencies that can see your paper prescription.

They can also see whether you have nominated more than one pharmacy and can check where you medicines will be sent. If you are on repeat prescriptions, pharmacists will be able to see all the items on your reorder slip.

What to do if you are not happy with nomination process?

Every patient must be provided with enough information about electronic prescription service. They should give their consent before the nomination is recorded. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the nomination experience, you can complain to your GP or Pharmacy Outlet.

You can nominate Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, to avail electronic as well as repeat prescription service.


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