CQC Closes An Online Pharmacy Over Incompetent Services

One of the health regulators of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ceased one online pharmacy over incompetent pharmacy services and clinical advices.

A UK’s registered online pharmacy called Asset Chemist voluntarily ceased offering pharmacy services to patients after an inspection conducted by CQC in December 2016.

The CQC found some ineffective non-clinical staff with no formal training on assessing patients; needs. They were incompetent to carry out the role.

The inspection found that the online pharmacy did not have enough experience, capability and capacity to offer online healthcare services.

For example, the CQC officials found patients being provided large numbers of inhalers and there was insufficient monitoring or follow-up of these patients, which could put their health at risk.

In addition, the CQC has suspended another online pharmacy, HR Healthcare Limited, which used to sell antibiotics through the website treated.com.

This suspended online pharmacy prescribed 12 asthma rescue inhalers over a period of four months. And the prescribing did not meet the best clinical practice and standard guidelines.

The GPhC officials say pharmacies linked to online services are being inspected by the CQC through healthcare regulator whenever necessary.

Pharmacy regulators will assess whether an online pharmacy is meeting GPhC and CQC standards and properly addressing the issues, safety and risks linked with online prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s registered online pharmacy that meets all the standards laid by the General Pharmaceutical Council.


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