Thousands Face Long Wait To Get Wheelchairs Due To NHS Delays


Campaigners in the UK call for easy accessibility of wheelchairs for elderly and disabled people.

The first official figures suggest that thousands of elderly and disabled people face difficulties such as long delays to receive a NHS wheelchair.

It is estimated that one in five disabled children who need an NHS wheelchair are being kept on a waiting list for nearly 20 weeks. Some people who have received a wheelchair in November and December have had to wait at least 19 weeks.

Usually, the NHS does not keep a track on how long patients have waited for a wheelchair. However, certain organisations say that many young adults with physical disabilities have waited for more than eight months.

One in 50 Brits use a wheelchair to go to school or work, get to the shops – providing independent access to many things most of us take for granted.

A delay in receiving a wheelchair is affecting too many people in UK.

Nearly 40% adults with special wheelchair needs, who are fully dependant on their wheelchair and mobility aids, have to wait for more than nine weeks for the NHS to analyse and decided what type of wheelchair they need. Furthermore, 37% wait for more than nine weeks to receive their equipment.

If you use a wheelchair, we can help you with accessories to help you stay independent.

You can browse Pharmacy Outlet to buy wheelchair accessories that are useful and suitable for your daily needs.


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