Stay Away From Online Miracle Cures


Each year, millions of people buy miracle cures for health issues such as erectile dysfunction, weight loss and baldness.

Many of these so called miracle cures are extensively advertised online via unsolicited emails. Remember, that these have not been tested and claims made have not be substantiated.

You should never start using a new medicine or cease the treatment prescribed to you without consulting a qualified medical professional.

Potential risks of buying medications online

Some websites supply new medications and treatments claiming to cure your medical condition. Such medicines do not contain approved drugs and do not meet the standards and quality of approved medication.

If an online pharmacy does not ask you to provide a prescription for prescription-only medicines, it is better to buy somewhere else.

Don’t forget it is your health that is at stake if you buy medication online from unlicensed pharmacists, local or online.

Common medicines scams include sites that:

  • Promise “wonder breakthrough” or “miracle cure”
  • Offer money-back guarantees and risk-free treatments
  • Try to convince you with positive feedbacks from previous customers (always ask yourself if these reviews are genuine)

Contain endorsements from medical professionals who quote scientific evidences (which are usually fake)

Look for NHS choices pharmacy that is registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The registered NHS choices pharmacy is the best place to buy prescription medicines online. You can rely on NHS pharmacy services to get your prescription medicines.

The MHRA warns people to stay away from counterfeit medicines, as they contain harmful ingredients. They can put your health at risk. It is very rare for fake medicines to be prepared in the UK.

When it comes to medications, it is always best to consult a qualified medical professional first. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you with a range of medical conditions, issues and ensure that any medication you are taking does not cause any adverse reactions.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s best online pharmacies. It is MHRA and GPhC registered, and can deliver all your medication needs via their website or over the phone.


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