Know How to Buy Prescription Drugs Online Safely in UK


Each year, nearly 2 million people across the UK try to save their time and money by ordering medicines online. Lack of time and hesitation to consult a doctor made many people to rely on online pharmacies to order medicines online. Are they reliable? Do they supply safe medicines? Unfortunately, there are a very few online pharmacies that are legitimate and provide you genuine medications.

Many rouge internet pharmacies offer extremely cheap generic medicines. Plus, they offer you alluring discounts. Many such websites supply medications that are manufactured outside of the UK, which do not meet the quality standards. Hence, you end up getting unlicensed and fake medications that can prove fatal to your health.

Consider these tips to buy medication online:


Never order NHS prescriptions online or medicines from internet pharmacies that do not ask for a prescription; such websites are not reliable. Look for an online pharmacy that asks you for a doctor’s prescription. For example, Pharmacy Outlet is the UK’s online pharmacy that asks people to provide NHS prescriptions, private prescriptions or electronic prescriptions before placing an order.


Many web pharmacies offer tend to offer medications at lowest possible prices. Do not ever fall prey to such super-bargains. It could be an indication of something fishy is going on. Medicinal prices that are extremely lower than actual prices do not meet the quality and standards.


If an internet pharmacy has a seal of GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council), you can go ahead and buy medicine online, but after providing a prescription. Always look for GPhC registered online pharmacy. If you find its seal on a particular online pharmacy, it is a safe place to buy prescription drugs online.


You must be able to talk to a pharmacist through phone, email or any means of communication. Check for phone numbers and call the pharmacist to resolve your queries. Make sure the pharmacist is affiliated with the online pharmacy and has the licence to dispense medicines.


The most important thing one should look for is the physical address of the online pharmacy in the UK. Choose a web pharmacy that is located in the UK. Pharmacy Outlet is owned and managed by Pharmacentric Limited that is located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. So, you can completely rely on this pharmacy to order medications online.

The bottom line is – never opt for websites that sell prescription drugs without a prescription, supply unapproved medicines and facilitate the sale of meds without pharmaceutical license.


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