Guidelines That Help You Buy Medications Online


There are many illicit firms selling a great number of unlicensed and fake drugs online. In fact, in 2012, some UK officials conducted a series of raids on illicit internet pharmacies that were dealing in fake drugs. Nearly, 79 people were arrested for the distribution of the medications that were sold illegally.

In light of this sensational news, we believe it would be beneficial to layout certain guidelines that can help you distinguish a reliable and genuine online pharmacy from its crooked counterparts.

1) Never trust websites offering medicines without prescription, especially for prescription drugs

Prescription drugs need a valid medical prescription, irrespective of their potencies, severity of the side effects, risk of overdose, etc. Usually, there are two types of internet dispensaries viz. traditional online pharmacies and online doctor services. An online pharmacy does not employ doctors; hence, you need to provide a legal prescription to buy medicine online. If an online pharmacy does not ask you a prescription, consider buying your meds elsewhere.

2) Check for proper accreditation

The selling of prescription drugs online is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom. All the prescription drugs sold legally by a pharmacy should have a valid MHRA license. A legitimate online pharmacy must be regulated by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) or General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

3) Look for a site that provides credible information

All legitimate sites will contain top quality, relevant and reliable information about the medicines and the conditions they treat. On the other hand, scam websites try to focus on easy accessibility and how cheap their medicines are. So, before you buy medication online, make sure you look for credible info.

4) Do not rely on sites where there is nobody to talk or guide you

Legitimate websites that sell medicines will provide a list of contact numbers or have some sort of internal messaging services that let pharmacists to answer your queries.

5) Opt for pharmacies that have a UK phone number and address

Most of the counterfeit online pharmacies come from East Asia. Certain loopholes in the law allow foreign firms to sell fake and unlicensed prescription medicine online. Make sure you go through the whole website to find the phone number and address so that you can make a contact before you buy medicine online.

6) Never rely on sites that sell medications at extremely cheap price

Stay away from online pharmacies that offer to sell medicines at extremely cheap price or offer to sell in bulk with lucrative discounts. Do not buy medication online UK at prices that are intensely lower than the actual prices.

7) Protect your details

Fraudulent online pharmacies may use deceptive methods to extract your personal information and extort money. So, be careful and avoid sites that do not state privacy and payment options, and shipping fees.

When you buy prescription drugs online, you should always be on the side of caution. This means staying away from sites that violate one or two aforementioned guidelines. PharmacyOutlet is one of the online pharmacies you rely on to buy medications.


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