Helpful Mobility Aids For Elderly To Get In & Out Of The Bed


Is getting in and out of the bed is becoming difficult and unsafe to your ageing parent or loved one? You probably need to install a mobility transfer aid in the bedroom can suffice this problematic situation. Elderly and disabled people often experience trouble while getting in and out of the bed due to functional decline of physical health. There are a few disability aids available in the market to improve their safety and comfort while managing to get in and out of the bed.

Certain mobility aids allow them to remain safe and independent, thereby reducing the risk of falls or injuries. If you think bed care mobility products can improve their ability to use the bed safely, then installing following mobility aids:

1) Grab Rails


Bed grab rails can be fixed under a mattress or by the side of the bed to make stability better while getting in and out of the bed. A grab handle is the simplest way for elderly people unless they have a certain level of strength in their hands. Grab handles need little space and can prove to be useful for disabled people.

2) Lifting Poles


Lifting Poles are metal gantries that can be fixed to the wall or installed as a free standing aid. Most lifting poles come with grab handles so that they can be positioned to suit the needs of the user. Once installed, one can move themselves from resting to sitting position, especially while getting in and out of the bed. They are ideal for disabled and elderly people with painful arms and shoulders with stiffness and range of movements.

3) Leg Lifters


A leg lifter is one of the most important mobility transfer aids that can help elderly and disabled people to get their legs in and out of the bed. It is a beneficial mobility aid for those who have weakness in the legs. It is pretty simple to use and promote the safety and independence of the user in the bedroom. A leg lifter can be useful for people after knee or thigh replacement surgery.

Apart from these mobility aids, bed grab rails and bed raisers can be useful for users to get in and out of the bed comfortably and safely. To ensure safety, seek proper advice from an occupational therapist, who will be able to suggest you the best suitable option as per your needs. You can browse through the Mobility section of PharmacyOutlet to get top quality bed care mobility aids.


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