Essential Wheelchair And Scooter Accessories

Things could go from bad to worse when you are in a mobility scooter and you have no accessories when there is an unexpected downpour. You search for the nearest doorways to cover yourself while on a mobility scooter. Then there are a few times when you find no covers or doorways. Hence, it is important to invest in some essential wheelchair and mobility scooter accessories to see you through any kind of weather.

For instance, you need a water-resistance clothing and covers for you and your wheelchair or scooter. Another interesting thing about such accessories is that they are easily available online. You need not require going store to store to search for mobility scooter and wheelchair accessories. Buying mobility scooter accessories just by sitting on your couch is pretty much the safe and best option.

Listed are the most essential accessories you must consider using:

Wheelchair and Scooter Bags


There are a wide range of wheelchair and scooter bags available online. Different types of mobility scooter bags provide an ideal storage solution for various scenarios for mobility scooter users as well as caretakers. They come in a variety of styles from economic mobility scooter bags to luxurious deluxe bags.

Weather Protection Covers

weather-protection-coversMost wet weather protection covers are made from rip-stop, water-proof nylon. They protect you from wet weather, keeping you clean and dry. They are specifically designed for electric mobility scooter. The scooter storage cover is reliable, tough and durable. Most covers have elasticated base that ensures good fitting and resistance to being tangled by the wind. In short, mobility scooter covers provide the user optimum protection.

Voice alert Alarms

voice-alert-alarmsVoice alert alarm systems are recommended to help avert unwanted situations when you are using a mobility scooter, such as robbery, accident, etc. They are a useful tool in alerting the family members or people around about a situation.

Hand Gloves


When you are outdoors in a cold and wet weather, anti-slip and super absorbent hand gloves are of great help. They help keep your hands warm and dry, preventing frostbites and chilblains.

Scooter Control Panel Cover


This specifically designed and transparent cover is useful in protecting the control panel of your mobility scooter from nasty weather, dust and grime. So, investing in a scooter control panel cover is never a bad idea.

Mobility Scooter Covers

mobility-scooter-coversThese are easy-to-fit rain covers made up of waterproof nylon. They are hard wearing and can be fitted easily and quickly when and where required. Mobility scooter covers are the best way to keep your scooter clean and dry.

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