Treating Mind and Body Together


It is a known fact that nearly 70% of adults with psychological issues also have underlying medical conditions, and 30% of adults with underlying medical conditions have some degree of psychological issues. Hence, it is imperative to integrate psychological and behavioural care into primary healthcare.

Nowadays, integration is one of the most commonly used terms in healthcare. Here are the principles of integration:

  • Integration of physical and mental health
  • Integration of primary and specialist care
  • Integration of health and social care

Patients often come with integrated bodies and mind. An integrated clinical approach is followed while interacting with patients and treating their mind & body together.

Healthcare specialists address both physical and psychological health when it comes to medical assessments, annual check-ups, treatment programs and healthcare pathways. Medical staff is trained in physical as well as psychological health awareness.

Fortunately, in the United Kingdom, integrated clinical care solutions have been developed, evaluated and implemented. At registration, a patient has to fill the complete questionnaire that provides details on their lifestyle, physical health, mood, and mental health. An e-Chat is a useful tool that helps assess patients’ mood and behaviour states, which can be integrated into an electronic health record. This is particularly beneficial for patients with psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and fear.

If left untreated, it is tough for a person with complicated psychological issues. It is harder to find the energy and motivation to lead to healthy lifestyle. Eventually, patients relapse more, need aggressive medical intervention, get hospitalised more often and suffer from severe illnesses.

Studies have found that people with cancer have had good prognosis due to integrated clinical care solutions. In addition to their physical health, their depression and anxiety were also been taken care of. The multispecialty community advisors are now accustomed to innovative and highly efficient integrated healthcare plans, social and prevention programs.

This indeed is an exciting time in the sector of healthcare in England. The bottom-line is – in association with proper body care, it is important to take care of psychological health in order to lead a healthy life.


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