Different Types of Walking Sticks for Older & Disabled People


Risk for falling increases, with increase in age. Every year 40% people who are above the age of 60, falls due to weakness. Normal ageing along with psychological imbalance results in reduction of stability and cause mental imbalance. The increase in risk of falls and brain’s improper functioning is noted to happen more in these group of people in compare to normal people, who come under the age of 60 years.  Chronic problems, such as osteoarthritis, eye disease and inner ear problems are also often present and can increase the risk of falling.

Walking aids such as wheel chairs, walking sticks, wheel chair belts, etc. are very effective and useful for this group of people. It has turned out to be a helping hand, which work in a manner that it gives support and prevent falls. 70% of people who are dealing with such problems prefer using walking sticks.

Walking sticks are appropriate and effective only if an individual have reasonable good mobility condition, but still need a little support to be at a safer end. Use of such products boosts confidence and balance. Knowing how to use and which type of walking sticks are very necessary. The following are the varieties available in these products as per there demand and usage –

1) Folding walking sticks

folding-walking-stickThese sticks are easy to store and light in weight. Bonding of shaft and strong elastic use in it ensure strong stable position when it is open. Checkout our full range of Folding Walking Sticks

2) Tripod walking sticks


If you need a little more support, one can try a tripod or tetrapod walking stick. One advantage of tripod and tetrapod walking sticks is that they can be left standing up by themselves.

3) Walking sticks with folding seats


A long distance walk can be very tiring and can affect the health of an individual. Walking stick with seat can be very useful in such cases.

4) Wooden walking sticks


Wide range of wooden walking sticks are available with a wide range of handle options. All wooden walking sticks should be cut to the correct height for the users as per the requirement.

5) Telescopic walking sticks


These sticks are available in aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. It provides an option of adjusting height as per the requirement.

How to choose a walking stick?

Such walking sticks are made up of different materials. Metal sticks are considered to be more stronger than other types of this products. It is very important that your walking stick is of the right height for you otherwise it can be potentially unsafe. Selecting sticks as per there looks can be cool but one should not forget that it will be of no use, if won’t match their requirement.

How to use walking sticks?

One who needs to use such sticks should know different techniques depending on your abilities and restrictions. There are specific techniques to us sticks in order to move upwards and downwards. Walking with stick incorrectly on the stairs can put you at greater risk of a fall. Suggestion from you family doctor or any physician will be a plus point in such case.

Checkout our entire range of Mobility products for older and disabled people.


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