Migraine May Lead To Stroke, Research


A new research suggests medical practitioners to consider severe headaches or migraine one of the possible risk factors for stroke.

Medical researchers advise healthcare providers to be aware of the connection between migraine and stroke, although the exact reason behind the link is idiopathic.

According to a recent study, women who suffer from migraine have an increased risk of having a stroke. The finding leads to some suspicious link between these two medical issues. Migraine is a kind of severe headache that often occurs in the presence of an aura in the form of flashing light, sound or smell.

Generally, migraine is not considered a causative factor for cardiovascular ailment. However, the study suggests healthcare professionals to consider headaches & migraine as a plausible risk factor for cardiovascular as well as cerebrovascular disease.

The study tracked down nearly 1,000 women with signs of cardiac disease. The follow-up for six years concluded that nearly 20% women with a history of chronic headache and migraine had a stroke or heart attack as compared to those who did not have migraines.

Apparently, there are several hypotheses about the connection between these conditions. However, the study did not testify the cause-and-effect connection between headaches or migraine and stroke.

Some experts believe that both the conditions affect the brain, so there could be a possible connection. Also, there is a probability of issues related to blood vessels. Inflammation, swelling, sluggish blood circulation and blood clotting issues may play a great role in both migraine and stroke. However, clogging of arteries and hypertension that cause heart disease do not seem to have any connection with migraine.

Physicians are requested to take special precautions to lower the risk of cardiac or cerebral problems in people with chronic migraine, especially in younger patients. They can ask their patients affected with stroke about the history of migraine.

Special care should be taken by women with migraines. They should control high blood cholesterol, avoid smoking and be cautions while using oral contraceptive pills, as they increase the risk of stroke as well as heart attack.


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