Basics Of Baby Hair Care

Baby’s hair care regime should be carried out with utmost care and caution. Make sure you take special care while taking care of your baby’s hair, especially while washing, oiling and combing.

Usually, after birth, baby does not have too much of hair on his head. However, few newborns have hair, which may usually shed during the first three or four months. New hairs grow after six months, which are quite soft, subtle and delicate. This can cause some problems because mothers are not sure about the appropriate hair care requirements. Find out how you can manage the task of taking care of your baby’s hair.


Younger babies do not require frequent hair wash, as they are likely to be in the house most of the times. They are not exposed to external dirt. You can wash his hair only twice a week. However, you can increase it by thrice a week if your baby suffers from cradle cap, a form of dandruff. Before washing, make sure you apply a little olive oil to his scalp.

As your baby grows, hairs grow, so you can increase the frequency of washing to three times a week. If you bathe your baby in a bathtub, make sure you wash his head at the end of the bath. This helps reduce the formation of shampoo suds and skin irritation. Remember; use only baby shampoos, do not use adult shampoos as they contain other chemicals that are not suitable for a baby’s sensitive scalp. Make sure you rub gently and prevent the shampoo from entering your baby’s eyes.


Babies’ hairs are full of tangle and correcting combing them would be a big task, as they scream and cry. Use a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb. If you face problems in combing your baby’s hair, use a gel or cream. You may start trimming your baby’s hair when he is a year old. Make sure your child is awake and relaxed before planning a haircut.

Managing baby hair care is a bit tricky. So be patient and realize with what things he is comfortable with


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