Treating Oral Thrush In Babies

Oral thrush in babies is a kind of fungal infection in the oral cavity. It is usually harmless and treatable. Although kids are at higher risk of developing oral thrush, it can also be seen in adults. The chief sign of oral thrush in babies is whitish coating on the tongue associated with or without white patches in certain areas of mouth. The coating has an appearance of cottage cheese or curd, which is hard to rub off easily.

If your little one has a white coating on his tongue that is not easily rubbed off, it is more likely to be the coating of milk. Usually, the patches do not affect babies unless there is an underlying infection. In most of the cases, thrush is associated with nappy rash, which is caused by same infection that needs to be treated immediately.

Oral thrush in babies is not serious, but you need to visit your doctor if you think your kid have a medical condition. Your doctor may take a throat swab and send it to pathology to diagnose the condition.


Oral thrush is an infection caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. Normally, people carry fungus in their mouths, which does not cause any problem. However, overgrowth of fungus can infect the mucus membranes in the oral cavity, causing an infection. Babies are susceptible to oral thrush, as their immune system is not fully developed to tackle the infection. Another common cause of oral thrush in babies is taking antibiotics for bacterial infections. Antibiotics can cause imbalance in healthy bacteria, which can make the baby prone to fungal infection.


Physicians often prescribe antifungal treatment if he/she feels your baby’s oral thrush is caused by persistent infection. Miconazole and Nystatin are common antifungal medicines used for the treatment of oral thrush in babies. These medicines are available in a gel form that is ought to be applied directly using a clean finger. You need to apply a very small amount of gel for prescribed length of duration.

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