Basics Of Baby Teething

You may wonder what’s happening with the babies when you notice them him drooling, night walking and becoming irritable. They are nothing but the signs of teething. Every kid experiences teething in a different manner. Some are asymptomatic, while some experience teething discomfort for months. There are a few signs that can help ease teething pain in babies.

Teething symptoms may precede the appearance of a tooth. Babies usually grow their initial tooth when they are seven months old, while some may grow their first tooth after two or three months.

How do you know about your baby’s teething symptoms? Your kid doesn’t know why he is feeling so achy, why he wakes up in the middle of the might or why he is becoming so irritable. Here are the common symptoms that can indicate baby teething:

  • Drooling – Teething stimulates drooling; you may notice excessive saliva coming out from your baby’s mouth
  • Gag reflex or coughing – Drooling makes your baby cough and gag
  • Biting – Pressure caused by tooth eruption can cause discomfort that is ameliorated by biting
  • Crying – Painful gum tissues can make your baby cry
  • Irritability – Your little one’s mouth aches during teething because of which they get irritated
  • Night walking and refusal to eat
  • Low-grade fever

Help your baby with the teething remedies, such as cold application, providing cold food and pain-reliever medicines. Teething gels are available to alleviate the pain and discomfort. You can use them after talking to your GP.

You may start feeding solid foods when you notice your baby’s first tooth. This also helps in relieving the pain. Gradually, your little one’s fine motor skills develop. This means he will be able to eat on his own.

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