Treating Baby Allergy

Is your baby suffering from sneezing and nasal itching? It could be an allergy.

You may afraid to leave your house these days after checking the pollen count. And that is obviously a smart step to prevent allergies. Also, you would not dare to take your baby outdoors with the fear of allergies. Babies are the risk of developing allergies if one of the parents or both are affected by allergies. Other triggering factors could be pet dander, dust mites and indoor environmental irritants.

Baby allergies are on the rise. The immune system of the babies is sensitive and underdeveloped; hence, they are susceptible to allergies. The symptoms include red and watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, sniffling and nasal discharge. Kids are usually not affected by pollen after the age of 3 years, but they can be affected by household allergens. It is important that you notice your baby’s sneezing and nasal discharge. Immediately seek medical help if the symptoms aggravate.

Treating nasal allergies in babies

First things first, keep your pets away from your baby and clean the whole house, especially your baby’s room. You should bathe your pets regularly and use an air purifier to get rid of dander. Even after doing all these stuffs if your baby continues to exhibit allergic symptoms, see a GP or allergist immediately. He or she may prescribe allergy medicines that may contain Cetirizine in the syrup form. Allergy syrup are approved for kids above 2 years of age. More importantly, follow all the instructions carefully while giving an allergy medicine to your child.

You can take a few safety measures to prevent your baby from catching an allergy. Get cleaning regularly. Wipe off all the dust. Use a quality humidifier. Keep the indoor environment clean. If you are suffering from allergy, make sure you take proper treatment so that your baby is not affected.

You might have understood how to prevent baby’s allergy. To know more, you can talk to your GP!

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