Causes And Treatment Of Snoring

Snoring is common. It is characterised by the rattling or snorting noise when you breathe during sleep. The noise usually comes from your nose, throat, tissues in the mouth and soft palate. Many people snore loud and incessantly, while few snore infrequently.

You should visit a GP if this problem is affecting your life. If it is causing too much tiredness, poor concentration and relationship issues with your partner, then immediately seek professional help. Although rare, snoring may indicate some serious underlying condition like obstructive sleep apnoea. In this condition, a person may wake up gasping during the night, which can be life threatening.

According to surveys, in England, one in four people snore regularly. It can affect anybody, regardless of age and gender. It is more common in men as compared to women.


Snoring is a result of the vibration of your soft palate and other tissues in your mouth and neck. During sleep, your air passages relax and narrow, affecting the air pressure and causing tissue vibrations. Snoring can also occur when your air passages are partially blocked. Obesity, chronic alcoholism, excessive smoking, allergic rhinitis and cold are common causes of snoring.


Treatment of snoring can help a few people, but it is not possible to cure snoring, as the recurrence rate is high. Following healthy lifestyle, losing weight, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol can help reduce snoring. There are many anti-snoring devices available in the market, such as nasal strips and mouth guards. They are effective and help prevent you from snoring. If anti-snoring devices fail to provide any effect, your doctor may recommend surgery. Surgical removal of extra soft tissue can help prevent snoring. However, there are a few limitations of surgery.

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