Treatment Of Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are common foot issues characterized by the hard or thickened areas of the skin present on the feet, which can be painful. They develop when there is an extra pressure or friction on the skin. The most common cause of corns and calluses is wearing ill-fitting or tight shoes. A podiatrist is the right person to diagnose corns and calluses. He/she might recommend you shoe insoles or padding to avert recurrences.

A corn is a small, thickened area of the skin on the feet caused by excessive pressure. It is round in shape and can press into the deeper tissues of the skin, which is quite painful. Corns can be soft or hard. A soft corn is formed in between the toes. A soft corn can lead to infection, as it forms between the toes where the sweat is secreted more. A hard corn is usually seen on the outer side of the little toe or on the top of smaller toes, the area where ill-fitted shoes cause friction.

A callus is kind of corn that is larger and broader. It is more lumpy and occurs on the joints of the toes. Extra friction or pressure can aggravate the condition. In addition, excessive running or walking, without proper foot or sole support, can give rise to corns and calluses.

Corns and Calluses Treatment

If you notice a corn or callus, it is important to visit your general practitioner or podiatrist, who can diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment. You should never cut a corn of callus on your own, especially if you are diabetic or elder. Corn and callus plasters help reduce the friction and pressure; however, they will not cure the condition. Treatment options often include –

  • Trimming or paring down – Your doctor may trim down a corn or callus with the help of sterile scalpel blade and dress the wound
  • Chemicals – One of the most commonly used chemicals is Salicylic acid, which is a keratolytic agent that reduces the thickened skin
  • Proper footwear – Using appropriate footwear helps reduce pressure and friction, ask your doctor for proper footwear or shoes
  • Footpads or insoles – They provide extra protection to your feet, thereby preventing the recurrence

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