Heat & Pain Relief Patches Are Quite Effective

Heat therapy is a popular mode of treatment to ease musculoskeletal pain and reduce inflammation. From hot baths to hot water bottle application to heating pads, heat therapy is effective for instant pain relief. Heat patches or heat wraps produce real heat and enhance healing exactly where you need relief. The heat generated from patches penetrates deeper into the damaged tissue, increases blood supply, accelerates healing and relieves pain. They work differently than others that reduce pain instead of healing it.

Using topical creams, balms and heat patches helps eradicate pain within few minutes and provides long-lasting effect. Heat wraps and creams are applied directly to the skin, which allow patients to remain active and mobile during the course of treatment. As a result, they can retain control over pain and manage pain without visiting a medical practitioner. Heat wraps, pads, patches or creams can allow the patient to indulge in other physical activities.

Heat therapy benefits

Application of heat therapy, creams and balms can help provide relief from back pain and musculoskeletal pain instantly. They work by –

  • Dilating blood vessels of the affected part
  • Increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the damaged tissue
  • Stimulating sensory receptors in the skin, thereby subsiding pain signals
  • Facilitating stretching of the soft tissues such as muscles and connective tissues, thereby decreasing stiffness

The clinical studies have found that heat and pain relief patches have following advantages –

  • Safer option to overcome pain
  • No potential side effects
  • Maintains constant temperature for nearly eight hours of application
  • Can be worn during any physical activity so that you remain active and mobile

The bottom-line is Heat and Pain relief patches do work and provide effective results. You can browse through a wide range of balms, creams, heat wraps and pads at PharmacyOutlet. Make sure you use any of them after talking to a GP.


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